Download Apex Legends For X-Box One

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Apex Legends has become one of the most popular battle royale x hero shooter game yet, with lovable characters, interesting game mechanics and a future with a huge potential to be a mainstay in the gaming industry, might be an e-sport soon but we never know.

Apex Legends For X-Box One

Anyways, we have already tackled PC and PlayStation 4 now, so let’s talk about the other mode of playing, which is the X-Box One.


Unlike the PlayStation 4, the X-Box One does require a subscription pass in order to play Apex Legends. That pass is called X-Box Gold and to have that you either have to do it the paid way, which is of course to pay the subscription, which is definitely not bad, having an X-Box gold membership can net you with more games.


Play Apex Legends free for Xbox one

But if you like to have it for free, there’s a way to have X-Box Gold membership, just go to Microsoft Rewards and earn points via bing! Searches and daily quests in their website and app. You will accumulate points in which you can use those said points to have X-Box Gold membership. So don’t despair to those who want it for free.

Installing Apex Legends on Xbox one

Now, the installation will be just as the same for the one in the PS4, once you have your X-Box Gold membership, just input in the search bar “Apex Legends” and for sure, it will appear. There’s also a chance that it is also highlighted into one of the front games in the store, so that’s a bonus as well. Download, install the game, and you’re good to go!

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So what are you waiting? Be the next Apex champion with you and your squad in Apex Legends! For more information about the game and its updates, stay tuned!