Apex Legends Weapons Season 2 Update

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A few days ago, the Apex Legends’ weapons designer, Sean Slayback posted on Reddit about their update about the weapons in the game in this coming season 2 of the game, and these are something that some players have been waiting for so let’s dive right into it and see what they got! …

The L-STAR will SHINE!

Another limited drop weapon will be released this season, the L-STAR, it will be a powerful LMG where it uses high-damage plasma projectiles which will prove to be deadly as it has a unique projectile which is larger than the usual but it will overheat with continuous shots, along with it the lens break and will need to replaced which means more time to recuperate and the weapon will be nerfed for a while if you do that.


So proper action will be managing short to medium bursts with breaks in order to let the beast cool down before firing once more. But reminder, you need to be a little closer to the enemy in order to inflict maximum damage against the enemy, since the L-STAR’s bullets is slow and if you are farther than them, it will miss them more or less.

The L-STAR will be joining the Mastiff and the Kraber in the limited drops.


New Hop-ups will be introduced in this next season and here’s what we have in store:

Disruptor Rounds

  • Increased Shielded Damage
  • Alternator, RE-45

These weapons will have a great boost to their usability since they are being barely played in the game come mid to late game where people are rolling with Turbocharger Devotions, Skullpiercer Wingmans, Choke Peacekeepers and the R-301 and R-99.

Increased Shield Damage means that they will be used for late-game where your enemies have Level 2-4 armors and you need to break down their shields in order to damage enemies.

These weapons are not bad even.

I use RE-45 for early game where the burst can kill a lot of people so having that boost of a hop-up is nice indeed.

Hammerpoint Rounds

  • Increased Unshielded Damage
  • P2020, Mozambique

The Mozambique got buffed!

Maybe it’s not so MozamWEAK anymore, but I digress.

These 2 weapons are the weakest bunch in the game. Mozambique, due to its poor ammo capacity, weapons spread and damage, have been rarely been used by people which prefer fisticuffs than the gun and the P2020, where in the world filled with great guns, you’ll be using a standard handgun which is so subpar to its fellow guns.

With the hop-up being added to the game, expect people picking these guns in the early game, where enemies usually have little to no armor, I got aim for P2020 and a close range capacity of the Mozambique, maybe they’ll be used now more than last season.


Energy Boosts with Energy Mags

Have you been troubling in keeping up with the current loaded ammo of the Triple Take, HAVOC, and Devotion?

Then worry no more because energy guns will have their own special ammo attachments, like any other ammo attachments, these will increase ammo by 2 depending on levels and quicker reload times for level 2 and above.

Energy weapons have never been a fan favorite by a lot but this is a good move forward for people using these guns.

Gun Buffs

Alternator, P2020, Mozambique, and RE-45 had their boosts in hop-ups but that and other weapons such as Flatline, Triple Take and the Kraber will have their weapon boosts too and it will be posted in S2 patch notes.

So go and check those to see the specific boosts per weapon, see if there’s a new weapon you might fancy with these boosts.

Adjusting the Flying Stars

Arc Stars will be adjusted with what information they have gathered, they say that it feels too spiky which can lead to varied opinion from the playerbase, they listened and here’s what they have to deliver.

  • Increased ignition delay from 2.5 to 2.8
  • Sticking a full health player will now down them [if they don’t have armor].
  • Players at the edge of the explosion no longer get their shields completely shredded

Overall, It’s a proper adjust since there will be massive changes, like the delay can help the enemies react in order to avoid being involved in the explosion.

However unarmored players will be downed instantly if the arc star is sticked to them specifically, sounds like a bad time.

It seems accuracy will be the thing right now with the removal of shield shredding if they’re just a teensy close to the explosion so keep that in mind.

Gold Weapon Additions

If you have gotten a fully equipped gold guns like Alternator and the like, then expect additional weapons having a gold version coming soon!

Ammo Box Adjustments

Shottie users will be in pain with the reduction of ammos from 64 to 16 ammo box sizes, nerfing some guns like EVA-8 and uhh Mozambique even further.

Peacekeeper and Mastiffs are still too good to ignore though.

Energy weapons however will keep having boosts from 60 to 80 ammo box sizes. Take your HAVOCs, Triple Takes and Devotions for a spin even more now!

Airdrop RNGs

Airdropped weapons like the Mastiff and the Kraber and the new L-STAR will have their respective time frame for when most likely to be spawned, like the Kraber will spawn more in the early to midgame and expect the Mastiff and the mid to late game, however no news yet for the L-STAR so let’s wait about it.


All of these will happen in the coming season starting at July 2 so get ready and go back to the firing range, train your aim, play casual games and prepare yourself for a new season with new rewards in Season 2.

More content for the game is always a boon for the players to show them support too, via ardently supporting the game and also buying of the battle pass.

For more information about Apex Legends and their updates for Season 2, stay tuned!