New Apex Champion Wattson: Abilities, Overview and Team Compatibility

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E3 2019 has been great for gamers as new games, features and platforms have been introduced for gamers, however, at Apex Legends’ spotlight, it has been announced that a new champion will be entering the arena.

Brace yourself as Wattson makes an ELECTRIFYING entrance!


Watt is Wattson?

Wattson, or as per the real name, Natalie Paquette is a new champion, focusing on defensive strategic areas and camping.

This gives players a new play style that they can apply, rather than travel around the map, loot, hunt and repeat, Wattson will be a vital character for those who think that holding the ground would be great and luring enemies in their line of sight is superior.

Shocking Revelations

Wattson’s story is much more connected to the story of Apex Legends and how it was made. Her father and herself made the arena together.

So she is a genius and knows everything that the arena can bring to her since she is a co-designer of the arena. Her scientific prowess and object placement will be vital to those who will play her.

Wattson’s Skills

Her skills are pretty rad for a camper, her role on a camping team will be the one to set the defenses and ensure that their place is secure before heading in and waiting for someone unsuspecting and get the kill.

Passive: Spark of Genius

Ultimate Accelerants fully charges Wattson’s ultimate, also standing near Interception Pylon boosts the tactical ability cooldown.

This is pretty rad because Interception Pylons are a great way to ensure a safe zone for your team. If your team has a safe area to recharge, heal up and regroup, then it will help you achieve reinforcing your base and destroying enemies with ease.

This passive also boosts your cooldown with your fences, strengthening your defense, if you have a fence in your area, then the enemies will find another way to pass to your base besides the fenced area.

Tactical: Perimeter Security

Connect nodes to create electrified fences that damage and slow enemies

This is Wattson’s bread and butter. Having fences across the base is vital, you can have 12 nodes and your teammates won’t have to worry about passing through since the fence goes down if your team crosses it.

Enemies, however, will deal damage and notify your team if someone decided to brute-force your place.

Ultimate: Interception Pylon

Place an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordinance and repairs damaged shields as long as it stands.

This is a permanent turret and since your passive allows you to charge your ultimate quickly, you can waste away as long as you have those ultimate accelerants around.

This turret will shoot down the ordinance, meaning arc stars, frag, and incendiary grenades will be nullified if the turret sees it and kills it. Being close to one will also work with another effect of Wattson’s passive which boosts her cooldown giving you more fences to create.


This is also vital in repairing your shield without the need of shield batteries and cells, so if you have it, stick close to it and you’ll be fine.

wattson apex legends 2 new champion

Wattson Team Compatibility

Camping Powerhouse – Wattson, Caustic, Lifeline

This is the primo camping team you can make if your team decides to be a camping squad. Your role as Wattson mainly is to create fences and build interception turrets for your base defense, Caustic will be the one setting up hidden traps to the unsuspecting enemies, raiding your main entrance or brute-forcing fenced zones.

Finally, Lifeline will be the team’s medic, if your ultimate can repair your shields, Lifeline will recover your health and drop down care packages for equipment and phoenix kits, wish for good gold weapons too if you have the chance, the Mastiff is a deadly killer.

Defensive Base – Wattson, Caustic, Gibraltar

With Wattson and Caustic doing the dirty work of preparing your base defense, Gibraltar will be your main guard in case of an ensued battle.

Gibraltar has the passive of a shield if he holds his gun, making a good defensive guard. His ultimate will call down also the most powerful airstrike that will deal devastating damage to the enemies outside.

Finally, his tactical ability is to create a strong shield for your team to recuperate. You can abuse this to shield an area with the interception pylon.

The pylon will heal your shields, all of you are focused on recovering health with Syringes and Med Kits.

Moving Fortresses – Wattson, Caustic, Pathfinder

Pathfinder’s Passive is to find the next ring location. Being the camping connoisseur, you can use his ability to work on finding the next base you can work on, provided that you clear the base of threats if another enemy decide to camp as well, using this can put you on a tactical advantage and be on the next step ahead against enemies.

Hit and Run – Wattson, Caustic and Wraith

Wraith phasing ability can help you in using hit and run tactic against the enemies, if the team is bold enough, Wraith can go in and out of the base, lure enemies and stack a good amount of loot from death boxes.

Her Ultimate can also be a good way to hit and run enemies into your base, which can also be a weak spot for your base, however. But you can turn around and lure them anyway or escape in deadly situations if your base has been compromised.

I am sure that there are all sorts of good combinations for camping with Wattson, but with the proper build and weapons, Wattson can be vital in any team.


At the end of the day, it is still a player’s skill and ability to master a champion that will determine their victory, will Wattson bring a spark of victory to them or will it refuse to shine brighter.

Electrify your games and make sure to feed her with ultimate accelerants though. For more information about Wattson and presence in the game, stay tuned!