Apex Legends Ranked Mode in Season 2 Announced

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The competitive Apex players, it’s your time. Prepare your guns and glory for Season 2 because the ranked mode is going to be implemented. If you’re excited, then keep on reading.


It has been announced in EA’s E3 that Apex Legends will have a ranked mode although little information has been given about it so far.


It’s a quick insight has been given to the people who have been watching the show since the creators would want the hype alive so we’ll have to wait for the introduction of the system on July 2 in order to experience the game mode itself.


What’s in store so far?

The creator only have said that there will be six tiers that will go from Bronze until the Apex Predator rank.

These will be the cap of the ranked and your rank will depend on how you progressed through the season.

They are planning to add more tiers and make the game mode more rewarding by adding rewards on how well you’ve played in the ranked season.

Seasons will have 5-6 months of game time for players to work with their ranks get the highest tier possible for their acclaimed rewards.


There’s little information passed around for now, but it will only take a matter of days in order to know what is ahead of the ranked system, are you hyped to play and aim for the rank of Apex Predator?

If so, practice now and aim for the best before the season ends. So stay tuned for the updates of Apex Legends.