Download Apex Legends for PS4

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the newest Battle Royale – Hero Shooter hybrid that Respawn Entertainment released.

Its innovative gameplay mechanics and interesting characters seemed to be the main reason why it’s competing against even the top battle royale games out there.


The hero shooter genre is mixed in, adding a lot more depth to the game.

How to install the game in the PS4.

Apex Legends can be played in PC, PS4 and XBox One. We have already tackled how to play on the PC so this time, let’s talk about in the PlayStation 4.

In the PS4, you don’t need to have Origin in the console, I don’t even think if there’s an Origin there in the first place.


Download Apex Legends from the PlayStation®4 Library

  1. What you need to do is search it on the PlayStation store, look up “Apex Legends” in the search bar, if you’re lucky you can even skip this step if the game is on the highlights of the store, if so, you can just click that and go from there.
  2. The next thing you need to do is simply download and install it. Now depending on the internet speed you have, it might take minutes or hours for the game to finish downloading and installing.
  3. Once, it’s installed, you can go on the game and play.

Download Link:

Note: This is the original .exe file of Apex Legends for PlayStation 4. Comfortable to use on PS4.

With that being said, you’re rather to become the next Apex champion on the PS4! We hope to see you winning in the King’s Canyon. For more Apex Legends news and updates, stay tuned!