How to play Bangalore effectively in Apex Legends

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Oscar Mike, let’s go! If you have an avid fan of the military and their language, then you will have a fun time with Bangalore. Aside from being the classic FPS type of character she is, there’s a lot more to uncover with this character, so let’s see how to play Bangalore effectively.

how to play bangalore

Bangalore is an all-around type of character and is recommended to be played by those who wish to start playing the game, with skills and abilities that are not punishable that much if you do a bad move, Bangalore is the bang in the buck.


Just like the last one we made with Bloodhound, we will talk about Bangalore’s abilities, favorable guns, and teammates. If you have a friend that can queue with you in the game, share this too so that you two can make a good synergy in the game.


Double Time

Double Time is one of the passives that are pretty useful in all aspects of the game. If you get shot or damaged by an enemy, you gain a quick burst of 30% additional movement speed in a few seconds, allowing you to reposition yourself and avoiding to be hit by the enemies.

Lore-wise, it fits for Bangalore and of course gameplay-wise, this is brilliant! Imagine a quick reposition, it’s useful even if you are a close-quarter combatant or a sniper that needs to change angles to avoid being fully caught by the enemies.

Double Time might be slightly nerfed to 30% from 40% since it’s too fast that the community told the developers to nerf it and they did. Oh well, 30% is still nice!

Smoke Launcher

Smoke Bombs are popular in every FPS or first-person shooters and if you are familiar with how to use it then picking up Bangalore is a wise choice. She has 2 canisters ready to use at the start and it refills as time passes by.

These smokes are good for relocation, baiting an enemy to a trap and bamboozling others to ambush them at the right time. Popping one to revive when things go wrong and synergizing with Bloodhound’s ultimate is a great way to fully utilize these bombs.

If you want to have a meme time, the impact of a smoke bomb in an enemy deals a small amount of damage, this has been proven when someone died on impact of the smoke bombs than actually killing them, which really makes a fun time. If you’re up for some hilarity, then you might want to try that too.

Rolling Thunder

As Bangalore says, you can’t dodge heavy artillery and that’s what she’ll bring in the table. Not as much as devastating as Gibraltar’s bombardments, Rolling Thunder can still pack a punch to the enemies who don’t wish to relocate or move away as the bombs drop, the missiles will deal a huge amount of damage that can kill enemies if they are not careful, this is nice in open spots as the missiles will impact the land better. I won’t recommend this on houses and bases as the missiles will fall from the sky and since the ground is shielded by roofs, no damage might incur.

Also a quick note, you need to throw a special grenade from the ultimate to issue a beacon for the missiles so perfect placement of the grenade can result to kill more enemies effectively.


Now for the gun section, Bangalore is very efficient since she is very versatile in guns. From close range, midrange and long-range, she can handle every gun. But here’s a guide for each ranges

Close Range


This gun is basically the burst gun of close range, it can empty its clip within seconds and if you are good at aiming, you might have downed an enemy or two, pretty nifty gun for those who can assault well in close range, and with Bangalore, you can fix this issue with your passive and tactical skill, so you could never go wrong.



The Late Game gun with Disruptor Rounds. This gun can make or break if it has a Hop-up so if you have or a friend have the Disruptor Rounds, then ask to use it and go ham. The alternator is great because of the hop-up, late game is filled with purple and gold body shields and they are hard to take down, but with Disruptor Rounds it can melt shields like butter since it has increased shielded damage so taking down stuffed enemies are a piece of cake.


This is the ultimate shotgun for the game, especially with Precision Choke hop-up. The damage each pellet will deal is freaking huge and a strong hit can deal with 195 damage when it hits in the face, basically taking down an enemy if they have a weak shield or even no shield pretty easily. Remember though, it is a pumped-up shotgun so you need to have a reload a bit when you shoot a gun so hit precisely and wisely.


The ultimate revolver in the game that can deal 45 damage in the body and a devastating 90 damage in the head. If you have great accuracy, the Wingman is for you. As Bangalore, you can move quickly and hit in a lot of different directions. You can get great hits in the head if you have Skullpiercer hop-up too so aim well and damage even further with Wingman.



This gun almost has no recoil in their bullet pattern so this is a safe gun for close and midrange but more on the midrange, aiming in the midrange varies as recoil can destroy your chances to damage more, but with the R-301, midrange aiming is great and you can do a single bullet per click so having this as an assault sniper is quite neat.

Long Range


Longbow is the best sniper in the game, sure you can also use this with G7 Scout and the Triple Take but the Longbow is the best sniper in the late game. Bangalore can be a sniper too if you prefer hitting in the ranges since your skillset is varied. If you are damaged or you are compromised you can use your passive and if you want to play it safe, pop smoke and go for broke, run to relocate and continue aiming. Your ultimate can also be useful here if you have a godlike aim you can fire your ultimate at a long-range and surprise enemies. Imagine the mayhem.



Bloodhound synergizes with you with his abilities, as said in the Bloodhound article, he can use his tactical and ultimate abilities with your smoke bombs so it’s very nice that you have a team that can work hand in hand with your skills.


A healer is always a good teammate and Lifeline can be that healer, with her health drone that can help you recover after a successful or failed gunfight and a quick revive in the passive that works with your smoke, a quick revive is necessary with a quick smoke throw.


A teammate with another bombardment is overkill and if you can use it well to your advantage, then it’s awesome. Since Bangalore’s airstrike is weaker than Gibraltar, if you can the third party, then throw your ultimate first then if they avoid it, coordinate with Gibraltar to throw theirs, with the two airstrikes falling down, it will be tough for them to avoid those shots.


Finally, Wraith is a great lone hunter honestly but with Bangalore added with the equation, then it will be so deadly. Popping a smoke after the portal has been set can create a good escape plan, they will be shocked where you run and they will realize it when it’s too late. And even if they plan to follow you to the other side of the portal then they will be ambushed by your team, so it’s a good addition to have Wraith in the team.

Final Words

In the end, it’s about your mastery and proficiency in Bangalore and the game that will dictate you in victory. Like Bangalore said, she put in the time and it paid off for her, now you will need to put your time to master Bangalore. It’s also fun to note that as a beginner, Bangalore will describe equipment, scopes, and guns as you ping them, perfect if you want to know an effect of an item or a scope, now that is a good beginner-friendly champion I might say.

With a good set of skills that is easy to grasp for a beginner then you will find it an easy time to win as Bangalore. Don’t bother much on Ultimate Accelerants, give it to Lifeline, Wattson or Bloodhound for their abilities to pop out easier, since your airstrike is just vital if you’re in the open and the enemies won’t budge. Now unleash the cold steel and the embrace of death with Bangalore. For more information regarding Bangalore and the game, Apex Legends, stay tuned for more!