Download Apex Legends for PC

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Let me introduce to you, the game that is popular in the time being for the genre of Battle Royale, Apex Legends!

Apex Legends is a hybrid of Battle Royale and Hero Shooter. Meaning it’s a classic battle royal with the addition of heroes, or “legends” with abilities that will tip the fight in their favor, depending on the situation and team composition.


These abilities come in 3 ways, passive, tactical and an ultimate. These abilities vary from a passive that lets you track enemies and an ultimate that rains down mortar shells in the map. Different playstyles can be covered by different legends so pick one depending on your play style. This is also squad-based, meaning teamwork is essential and vital if you want to be the winning squad. Squads come with 3 members so pick the composition wisely to get the victory.

Ready to head on and experience the newest battle royale game that has taken the game world by storm? If so, let’s get to it!

Here is a way how to play Apex Legends in the PC.

We will take two ways in order to play it and it is for those with Origin and without Origin in their PC.


With Origin and with an Origin account

  1. All you need to do is to download the game from the Origin Game Store.
  2. Once there, you need to search for Apex Legends in the search area, the game will appear,
  3. After that, you need to click it and find the download button and download it. It might take some time but before you know it the game ready to play.

Now without Origin, this would be a longer process,

  1. You can go to and choose the “Origin on PC” option,
  2. After that Origin will be installed, you need Origin to run the game otherwise you cannot play it. The launcher is required.

Before downloading it, you need to make an account in Origin, so register using an e-mail that can accept a confirmation link, why?

Because you will need to confirm your account and if ever you lost your account due to forgotten password and the like, you will need that email.

Now register, confirm your email and download the game. It’s simple as that!

Download Link:

Note: This is original .exe file of Apex Legends for PC. Comfortable to use on Windows PC.

Hope to see you on the battlefield soon! For more information about Apex Legends and news updates, stay tuned!