5 King’s Canyon Map Season 2 Updates

2 min

With the release of Season 2 of Apex Legends, it has been clear that the map has been changed forever.

We will see how we all can adapt to the game as we head into the next season, so stick around as I become your jumpmaster in this update.

kings canyon trailer

Booting up the Apex Legends

If you haven’t booted up the game once the 20GB update rolls in, you will receive a surprise that you will surely like, it’s the trailer of Season 2 that will leave you hyped!

It shows a mysterious character that hacks in and destroys the Repulsor Tower.

The tower was in fact, there to protect the Apex Arena from the flyers and the leviathans, without that now, the arena is littered with them that may or may not help you.

We also saw the L-star and Wattson, ready for action! Now let’s break these things down.

Mysterious Character

If you watch the trailer, you will see someone hacking in to destroy the Repulsor Tower, rumors around the community are that it is Crypto, one of the champions that they have been rumored with references in some trailers.

This is interesting because other than Wattson we will have another champion that will need to know and see what their specialty be, Octane has high-speed maneuver and gameplay and Wattson can camp and bait enemies. 

Let’s see what will Crypto bring in the table.


Seems like flyers or the dragons that are carrying sweet deathboxes or supplies will be a mainstay in the game.


They will be pretty neat for those who need extra weapons since if they have a bad landing at the start, beware though, gunshots can be seen up top and a dying flyer is a sign of the enemy, one may ambush you or avoid you so think first before attacking the flyers.


For those who have played Respawn’s old games, they’re bringing the leviathans, up close and personal.

Now they interact in the arena, you will hear them screech and react when you are around, this might be bad for those who rely on listening such as Wraith but may be a good way to reduce the noises of your guns while you fire against the enemy.

New Area Updates

With the arrival of the flyers and leviathans, some areas are now different from what it seems, leviathans are roaming, the repulsor tower has fallen and there’s a new place where flyers are locked, this was the old town that you can land in the game.

You can kill the locked flyers but there are no rewards, so you just better not.

The Shattered Forest has also recovered from what looks like a devastating forest to a lush green with a destroyed house.

Finally, one of the noticeable additions is the Cage, where it is a six-story building with a huge amount of supply. But with huge supplies, comes huge competition so be quick to loot and regroup before you get swarmed by enemies.


For those who have rotation plans for the old King’s Canyon, you better make and devise a new route now because the map has changed, pack up and embark on a new journey in a leviathan-filled King’s Canyon, for more information about Apex and its updates, stay tuned!