How to Rank Faster in Apex Legends Ranked Mode

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Ranked Mode is the newest game mode in Apex Legends.

It basically does what it says, it’s a ranked mode for the game. But the system is not the way you might think it is, and if you want to know how you can advance further in the ranking mode of Apex Legends, keep reading to know.

How to Rank Faster in Apex Legends Ranked Mode

The Basics

The Ranks

Before we dive in and know how to advance quicker, here’s a refresher for the game mode.

There, 6 rank leagues that you can advance to, everyone starts at 0 RP in Bronze.

Through playing and grinding you can advance to better tiers with better prizes.

You need to have 120 RP to reach Silver, 280 RP for Gold, 480 RP for Platinum, 720 RP for Diamond and for the coveted Apex Predator 1000 RP.

Knowing this we can guess how we can optimize our games to get to leveling faster but there’s a caveat.

At What Cost?

Playing Ranked is a risk-reward system especially once you climb to the top. You’ll need to pay an entry fee every match.

Bronze games are free, Silver costs 1RP while Gold costs 2 RP. Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator are one up higher so 4, 5 and 6RP respectively.

Why do you need to know this?

It’s because you can measure if the risk is worth it while you are playing the game, if you have a high rank and you are tilted you don’t feel your mojo on, we suggest that you don’t play ranked to avoid losing points than gaining them.


In Apex, you won’t get negative points for sucking at the game, however, performance still matters in this case that you need to score points even out the entry fee of your ranked game.

Here’s how you can score in matches.

  • Kills will get you 1 RP for the match, however, there’s a cap for RP earned in kills. You can only get 5RP at maximum in the kills.
  • Meanwhile in the staying alive is also vital in the game, being in the Top 10 will garner you 2 RP,
  • Top 5 gives you 4 RP,
  • In Top 3 you’ll have 7RP and
  • Being the champions will get you 12 RP.

Overall, you’re guaranteed to have 17 RP in a perfect game where you killed 5 or more and become the Apex Champions.

Demotions? Yes but actually no

Because league demotions are not a thing for now but tier demotions for certain league matters.

What does this give us?

You can go Platinum but not fall into Gold or Silver but you can be stuck in Platinum III for a while if you keep losing than advance to a higher tier.

Penalties and Loss of Forgiveness

Apex encourages players to never give up if there’s still a sliver of chance and that’s proven in their penalty system, if you leave the game even if there’s still a chance of winning like leaving while downed or can still be resurrected you will receive penalties like unable to join queues from 5 minutes up to a week!

Meanwhile, if someone in your team does something that can incur a penalty or you leave unintentionally like client errors and the like.

It means that you will lose almost nothing in loss forgiveness.

How to Capitalize

Optimizing Your Game

If you want to boost your game, you need to think smartly and not rashly. Landing in a hot zone with 5-6 squads will not net you points but losses and RP reductions in higher leagues.


Land where the squads are less but good loot. Kill if possible but be careful because you might get third partied which is not nice.

Overall, get 5 kills and live as long as possible to get the Top 10 or Championship. That’s the deal in optimizing the game for you.

Team Composition and Coordination

Like in casual mode, having a way to coordinate with your team start to finish is vital in order to win more in ranked.

In team selection, find your strengths and weaknesses, don’t be bad but picking someone’s legend if you don’t know how to control that legend, but if it’s your specialty then use it.

Just coordinate it to your team firsthand to avoid in-fighting in teams. Being able to find the best guns for each legend is also vital, in order to maximize the strengths of your team and live further on, knowing these are vital.

Legend Versatility

Learn 3 or more Legends before jumping in Ranked, because like we said earlier, someone might pick your champion of choice and you’re left with nothing.

Find your strength and build with it. If you’re aggressive and offensive and you pick Wraith, try other aggressive ones like Bangalore with safety such as her passive and tactical ability.

You can also pick Bloodhound to hunt enemies quicker and secure kills faster. There are a lot of champions that you might fancy.

You can also just try other play styles if you want to.

Lacking a healer like a Lifeline might be a detriment to the team, sometimes your team might be afraid to assault much and prefer to be on the camping side, learning Caustic and Wattson could be amazing too.

Being versatile goes a long way to the game and will help you rank faster.

Don’t be a Sore Loser

Being downed or not being respawned to quickly is NEVER, I repeat NEVER a reason to quit, especially this mode has a penalty system for leaving too early.

That’s why you should not leave the game prematurely. There’s still a lot of chance to survive the game and win it all with your teammates.

Who knows, you might be paired with a talented player that can help you win it all, imagine the Rank Points you can get. Just don’t give up.

Also, you can get loss prevention if one of your teammates does it anyway so just keep fighting, strive to get Top 10 if possible and some kills to gain net positive RP.

Hit the Ground First

Don’t just jump into rank in your first game in your session, practice up and get your blood pumping first before going in rank, this will avoid you dying early, wasting entry points and your time as well.

Play a few casuals, hit the training mode, master your shots until you are ready to fire it up.

Carrying is not Recommended

Your friend might want to grind alone first before you can play together, Apex doesn’t recommend carrying teammates as the game needs to balance your ranks.

Say you play Diamond I and your teammate is a Bronze I, your teammate might be paired with Diamonds and might find a tough time in playing the game and dying quickly.

Make sure that he has reached the same if not equal league as yours and hit the range together.

That will make sure that you and your friend’s rank secured even better than just paying the entry fee only to die in the game.


The Apex Games are ripe for the taking on those who want to win it all.

However, you and your teammates must consider these factors, play together and strive to win more points than just dropping hot and just die.

Once you get that prized rank, you will be surprised at how you improved the game not just technically but by working together with your teammates to become the Apex Champions.

For more information about Apex Legends and its ranked mode, just stay tuned!