How to play Bloodhound effectively in Apex Legends

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Bloodhound is a champion in Apex Legends that is shrouded in mystery, whether because of his appearance or his origin, there’s a lot of things to unpack but what’s important is to win and we will tell you how to play and win as Bloodhound in Apex Legends effectively, so if you’re favoring to play as the technological tracker in the game, keep on reading.

Bloodhound is the only Tracker in the game for now, with his skills and appearance looking like a reconnaissance soldier, it’s only fitting that he must be played as tactical as possible.

How to play Bloodhound effectively in Apex Legends

Bloodhound is a close-quarters kind of champion, with his abilities on tracking a certain character at close range and marking enemies red when using the ultimate.

So let’s talk about Bloodhound from his skills, gun choice, and team composition in order to analyze what fits this enigmatic character.



This skill is straightforward as this marks enemies’ actions like jump marks, footprints, the opening of supply bins, ziplining, wound damage and more.

This is very valuable as these tracks can be pinged to the squad so that they can be informed on what happened in this area so if there are a lot of marks there, you can know that there’s a lot of enemies and a lot of action.

This skill also tells when the enemy had done the said action so if the track is hot, beware and maybe change course or assault if you think you have the advantage, if not, retreat.

If it’s cold, check for spare parts and regroup.

Eye of the Allfather

Bless me with sight! Bloodhound scans the area of hidden enemies, traps and clues to which the enemy might have run into.

This skill is amazing since you can see through smoke, detect traps and enemies around you.

It has a radius in which it can detect enemies so it’s not a long one but it’s very useful in final rounds.

In this case having a Bangalore and a Caustic might be pretty useful teammates, more on that later.

Enemies detected will be spotted with a closing rectangle to their final position when the scan was complete.

This is effective if you are in a dense area like the hot zone where enemies abound and you need to check before you head out to avoid being sniped out and killed suddenly.

However, this skill has a drawback, if you scan an area, the scanning will make your presence known by the enemies and if they are wise, they can spot your actual location and kill you.

If you are in a hide and seek position, make sure that you are not being third partied if you want to be on the aggressive since the third party will know your location very well if they are close. Use this skill wisely than all the time.

Beast of the Hunt

This is what makes Bloodhound a fearsome opponent against your enemies.

If you use this skill, time for some mayhem and be aggressive but of course think while being wild.

This ability turns your screen to black and white and enemies and their footprints red, smoke and gas also render not a hindrance to you as Bloodhound’s ultimate can let you see them easily, so give that Digital Threat to another teammate.

Besides from that, you get faster movement speed making chases and flanking a bit faster which can lead you to multiple kills and takedowns, this ability lasts for 35 seconds so savor the moment when you use this.

However, this does not make you Rambo with invulnerability and damage reduction, you still take damage normally so be careful when you pop them.

Also, if you pop this ability, it is loud and you can be seen if you have no support, make sure you have teammates once you pop this skill to guard you once you are channeling the initial ultimate.



An R-99 is a good gun for Bloodhound, its specialty lies in CQC or Close Quarter Combats in which Bloodhound specializes.

The fast firing rate of the R-99 is what makes it deadlier, just make sure that you have sufficient light bullet rounds before you enter the fray.



Same goes for the R-301 gun. Bloodhound benefits from the almost no recoil bullet pattern and the fast firing rate of the R-301.

It also is effective in mid to close range perfect for the tracking abilities of Bloodhound.


If you are good at revolvers in the game, then the Wingman is perfect for Bloodhound.

Be wary though that this gun requires mastery of the firing pattern of the Wingman, it is also worthy of noting that the Wingman with no Extended Heavy Ammo Magazines can be a drag with only 4 ammo in each magazine, so don’t spray and pray with poor accuracy.

Again, this gun requires practice and mastery.

But once you do have the ability to fire accurate with the Wingman, together with the Skullpiercer hop-up you can down enemies quicker like butter on a hot knife.


Close quarter combat is the play style of Bloodhound and that means shotguns is necessary for those types of encounters.

Bloodhound will benefit dearly with using shotguns like the Peacekeeper, this gun can deal immense damage when used up close and with Bloodhound’s gameplay to get close as much as possible to the enemy to track and down them, Peacekeeper is a good weapon for Bloodhound.

Not to mention that the Precision Choke hop-up can make the spread less and deal a devastating amount of damage in an almost straight line when powered up is vital for Bloodhound to kill enemies quickly.

EVA-8 Auto

Even though Peacekeeper is the best shotgun for Bloodhound, we can always look at alternatives such as EVA-8.

Pump-up shotguns and automatic shotguns have been in debate on which is better, if you know when to shoot and deal devastating damage then the Pump-up Shotgun in the game which is the Peacekeeper is for you, but if your forte is just to kill and kill without the worry of a small reload then EVA-8 and its automatic feature is for you if you play Bloodhound.

Just remember that shotguns are good for CQC and that’s Bloodhound’s gameplay.

Alternator SMG

Arguably, the best weapon in the game right now in the late game with its Disruptor Rounds.

So it is no question why this is good for Bloodhound, if you have great accuracy, you can hit the enemy with the Disruptor Rounds-charged Alternator bullets and melt their body shields, usually in the late game phase, Purple and Gold Body Shields run rampant in the final squads so use this information to shred them.

Team Composition


Bangalore has the tactical ability that Bloodhound needs to capitalize on the game, smokes!

Bangalore’s smokescreen can blind enemies that Bloodhound can capitalize with his tactical ability and ultimate as well so if you are in a fight, tell your Bangalore to smoke the area and when the enemies push into your position scan it and fend them off for an easy kill out of smoke!


Same as Bangalore but you don’t want to be inside his Nox gas traps or the Nox grenades’ area of effect as it can blind or slow you down as well.

But with Caustic as long as you are away from the gas radius you can still scan the enemy can kill them effectively.

The best part of this is that, since they are slow, blind and are dealing damage continuously, they are open for attacks so go ham and damage them even more!


There’s nothing wrong with having a healer by their side and Lifeline is that and more.

With her passive, you can be revived quickly if you become too careless in a fight.

The healing drone works well if you retreat and plan to fight quickly again and her care packages will be beneficial in clutch rounds, you do have a rival against Ultimate Accelerants, however.


All aboard the OcTrain!

If you plan to be on the offensive always in a match then Octane is your bestfriend, with a teammate that can heal while no battles, he can always be there since the damage he has received will be gone in a few seconds.

He can always match your pace with his stim packs and ambush enemies with the jump pad.

It’s a valuable ally to have someone with your back once you fire your ultimate against an enemy squad and Octane will help you in that one.

Final Thoughts

Bloodhound is an offensive type of champion, his abilities rely on taking down enemies via his tracking and hunting abilities so use that to make sure that you capitalize on his ability and get some ultimate accelerants so you don’t need to wait for your ultimate.

The Ultimate is the real game-changer so you use it in tough situations. Master the tracker and trust in the Allfather!

That’s all we have for you for Bloodhound, for more tips regarding the champions and more Apex Legends, stay tuned!