Apex Legends Best Weapons To Pick (Early, Mid To Late Game)

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Dropping hot and seeing weapons laying around can be tough as to pick which weapon is viable in the early, mid to late game.

There are variations that you can work around if you landed at a bad spot or want to know which is viable all game long, so if you are ready to learn more, just sit back and know what are the guns necessary for the game.


Which Guns to Pick in the Phases of the Game in Apex Legends

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Early Game

Early game can be fairly tricky, if you landed in hot, prepare for tough opponents who might have purple gear with good guns and fair amount of ammo while if you landed in not so favorable spots you might get some weapons like Mozambiques, P2020 and others but fear not, with the latest weapon and hop-up additions, there may be hope.

But honestly with the early game, just pick any weapon that you see and just replace them with the weapon of your choosing, Mozambiques and P2020 with Hammerhead Rounds are nice if you can utilize them since they damage unshielded enemies more, it can take down enemies easily. 

Start roaming and moving around the map to get better weapons along the way, take hop-ups that you might use in the future if you have the space, for example, you saw a gold or purple Skullpiercer Hop-up and you use a Wingman often, it’s worth a bag slot if you got one and find a Wingman later on. This way, once you have the Wingman, it can be stronger.

Once you explored two or three spots on the map, you should have equipment that you can survive in the midgame.

Mid Game

Once you explored more areas, you need to find more weapons that are in your avenue, meaning your specialty. You should have something of good DPS and reliability.

For people who just want to spray and pray, an R-400 combo could be neat, what’s an R-400 combo, it’s simply R-99 and R-301, both light machine guns that can be used for various situations.

R-99 is perfect for close-quarters combat and fast DPS that could down an unmoving opponent quickly, and R-301 for mid to long-range versatility, it can also be used in close range! With its very little recoil, you can aim for the enemy fairly well and can land you reliable shots.


If you want to have a very useful machine gun, Spitfire and Devotion is nice, more points to Devotion if you have the Turbocharger on, the gun is very strong that it can take down squads if used very well. Snipers’ choice in the mid-game is the Triple Take, but it would be better if you have the Longbow for truly devastating damage.

If you don’t have a Peacekeeper yet, then you can settle in with EVA-8 if you use shotguns, it can do auto shots that you don’t need to load up a bullet once you fire making it useful for close encounters, but a Peacekeeper with Choke is a much better choice.

Late Game

Usually, you have great gear, good guns and the strongest are the only ones surviving in this phase, where 5 final squads remain, it is in utmost importance that you have good gear or guns that you are familiar and mastered in using, the R-400 combo is still nice in this phase, Wingman with Skullpiercer is the king of revolvers which few shots can down a weak and inattentive enemy.

The strong end game weapons that drop from care packages could be spotted and used here, although the KRABER, Mastiff, and L-STAR can be used in the other phases of the game, the usability and reliability of these weapons are now intensified as these deal massive damage and can cripple an enemy quickly. Be careful once an enemy is in control of one of these as things can go dicey quickly and you may not like it.

Purple and gold body shields are rampant in this phase so you need to be analytical about what weapon can deal with those, but we have a weapon just for you. It’s the Alternator!

Sure, the Alternator SMG is not much used as a weapon in season 1 and for good reason, it’s quite unreliable and it feels irrelevant for those who are not quite attuned with its fire rate and DPS, but with its hop-up, the Disruptor Rounds, that and the RE-45 (although the Alternator is the better gun) can decimate enemy shields quickly like butter, add your mastered aim and accuracy and you can be deadly in the late game. It’s quite an uproar right now in the community that a gun that was irrelevant in the past season is now taking a spotlight and is commonly used in the late game now with its hop-up. It just goes to show that the meta changes and it’s quite interesting how the developers will approach this issue.

Things to consider

As much as weapon DPS and the like is considered to be a tactical advantage by competitive players in the game, it should also add a factor regarding weapon mastery and ammo sufficiency.

If you can use a weapon very effectively than a weapon that can deal heavy damage but miss a lot of shots, you are better to just use a weapon that you can play well with.

Also, if you have little to no ammo in one weapon that is meta, it’s not really recommended to hold to a one reload the gun, but you can still search for rounds are ask your teammates for help.

Final words

In the end, it’s still your option and your mastery that will lead you to Apex Championship, gun meta is nothing if you don’t have the proper handling, aim, and courage to take on enemies and win the game for your squad. Do you agree with us also tell us your favored guns and why! For more information about Apex Legends and its gun meta, stay tuned!