Apex Legends 2nd Battle Pass: 6 Things to Expect

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The season is coming to an end but the news keeps on flowing as we update you of the latest Apex Legends news that is swirling around the news lately, so keep on reading to know what should we expect in the next battle pass that Apex Legends is preparing us.

Apex Legends 2nd Battle Pass

1. New and More Weapon Skins

Your legendary weapon skin is back!


If you are disappointed that the Legendary Weapon Skin of the first battle pass is only one, then here’s good news for you.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the game, has announced that there will be more of the skins it will be given at tiers, at 25, 50, 75 and 100, respectively, finally an evolving weapon skin at level 110. This is exciting for those who grind a lot for the game.

2. New Cosmetic Items

Rather than the boring stat trackers and whatnot, there are announced special cosmetic items that will be rewarded for the game, an example is an evolving badge, that might seem like an upgrade from the standard badge from their earlier counterparts in the first battle pass.

The win tracker is also available but you will not wait for it to acquire by more than 5+ levels, these will be easily gained in the first 10 levels of the free battle pass.

There are still interesting concepts they are trying for cosmetic rewards, but information regarding that matter has not been released yet so we should wait to see what they have in store.


3. More Ways in Levelling your Battle Pass

Rather than just grinding crazily in the game, they will be implementing a weekly and daily challenge that will help you gain more levels quicker than the first one.

This, sure will be a good welcome to the casual players that would like to have a chance to get great rewards by just simply playing and trying to acquire more points, but why and how?

Simple, these challenges are up and available anytime so you won’t be able to worry about missing one, you can do one big grind day and still get more points than you used to back then.

Aside from more ways to acquire them, the leveling progression of the battle pass experience has been buffed.

Gone are the days where you need to grind additional days and even weekends just to get the stuff you want from the battle pass, this way, things will get much easier for players to get them.

4. Electrifying Entrance

Wattson will be introduced in this season, she’s the genius daughter of the creator of the Apex games and has co-developed it.

She knows the ins and outs of the game, therefore she can set things up quickly with her turrets and fences.

A camper’s dream, this will be a new way to play the game than the simple run, loot, hunt tactic of the majority of the players of the game.

5. Crafting Legendary Items

This battle pass will give you an ability to purchase legendary items, including skins!

If you have been dreaming to get a legendary skin of a champion, weapon or whichever that you can’t unlock easily, there will be a new way right now that you can get them.

Legendary items can be bought with 1200 Crafting metals, so save up and buy them up.

6. Release date and price

The release date of the battle pass is on July 2 together with the launch of Season 2 of the game, so gear up and time to compete once more in King’s Canyon